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  1. Handmade woolen socks

    Handmade woolen socks are hand knitted from pure lithuanian wool yarn which is quite itchy. Doctors recommend wearing itchy socks for those people who often complain about cold feet including newborns, small children and seniors.

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  2. Oversize Hug cardigan from Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk

    Big, oversize chunky cardigan knitted from Drops Brushed Alpaca silk yarns with 7mm (US 10.5, UK 2) needles. Pattern of this cardigan is very simple and can be knitted by beginners.

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  3. Pullover for a girl from Drops yarn

    Soft, short pullover for girls, knitted in Raglan using stockinette and lace stitches. 

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  4. Knits for autumn

    Before every autumn we often start to search sweaters which would lift our mood and would let us feel nice. I would like to recommend you my few new knitting pattern designs.

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  5. How to knit Centered double decrease (CDD) stitch pattern

    Brief review of how to knit Centered double decrease stitch (CDD or  S2KP).

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  6. Flower cardigan

    Flower cardigan handknitted from Drops Kid-Silk yarn in combination of 100% 2 ply linen yarn from Rūkė. Light, soft, feminine, elegant and warm. Perfectly fits together with dress or shorts.

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  7. Convertible handmade short cardigan with pockets

    Convertible handmade short cardigan with pockets. Knitted with cozy Filcolana ( yarns in composition of mohair, silk and pure wool.

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  8. Knitting pattern for balloon sleeve cardigan

    Hand knitting pattern for balloon sleeve short cardigan. Very nice, cozy and fashionable hand knitted cardigan.
    Yarn: Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk, color no. 5 (77% Alpaca / 23% Silk, 25 g = 140 m) + Drops Flora, color no. 07, held double together (35% Alpaca /65% wool, 50 g = 210 m).

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  9. Didelio megztinio mezgimo schema

    Moteriško ir elegantiško megztinio mezgimo schema. Ilgas, atviras, didelis megztinis, pavasariui, vasarai, rudeniui ir žiemai.

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  10. Short oversize cardigan knitting pattern

    Knitting pattern for handknitted short cardigan. This feminine sweater knitted from combination of mohair/silk and linen yarns is especially light and soft, looks very well with the jeans or linen dress.

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