How to care for knitwear

Rūkė sweaters are handmade and need special care, so it's worth taking the effort to keep them as long as possible. Most yarns which are natural, organic or GOTS certified need special attention when in the shape of a sweater, to guarantee that your sweater keeps on looking beautiful for several seasons to come.

Fold your sweaters

The best way to store sweaters is folded, preferably in a chest or drawers. Never ever hang them because hanging sweaters will result in a larger sweater and deformed shoulders than the last time you put it on. If you’re worried about wrinkles, take one cardboard sheet, fold in half and place down the center of the back of the sweater, and complete your fold.

Remove pills

Pilling is caused by rubbing during wear and is more apparent around the elbows, under the armpits and on sleeves but can occur anywhere on the sweater. You can pick them off by hand, or purchase a hand-held depiller or a small electric shaver made for depilling.


Wearing it every day will cause it to lose shape. Alternate it with other sweaters.


Wash sweaters as needed and unless the instructions tell you to machine wash a sweater, never do so. Woolen sweaters must always be washed by hand in a gentle soap solution. You can either run lukewarm water and turn a favorite scented soap around and around in your hand under the water to make the water soapy, or you can add soap flakes. Turn sweater inside out to wash and try not to wring a sweater; gently press the sweater in cold water. Wringing can cause it to lose its shape. Lay flat to finish drying on a towel but never make the mistake of hanging sweaters to dry.


Cashmere is very luxury yarn and it's softness makes it prone to pilling and touchy to care for. Other delicate fibers include mohair, angora and lambswool. Wash is in a very gentle solution such as Woolite or Lux Flakes etc. Do not wring - instead roll in a large, moisture-loving towel to remove excess moisture and then leave out flat to dry on a towel.