Sunday cardigan

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  • Style: Cardigan
  • Size: L
  • Yarn: 80% mohair, 20% polyamide

Sunday cardigan is a hand-knitted oversize sweater. It is knitted in Hipknit Hip Mohair yarn (80% mohair, 20% polyamide) so this sweater is very fluffy and cozy. Cardigan has few seams which join different sweater parts together. This style is exclusively different so it fits for those who bravely want to show their special style. It is a sweater for wearing at home or at public places. Also, it is possible to form different shapes by wearing it flipped over.

Yarn: 80% mohair, 20% polyamide
Size: L


Bust circumference: 110cm (43in)
Sweater length (center back): 90cm (35in)
Sleeve length (from neck): 76cm (30in)
Sleeve upper arm girth: 60cm (24in)

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Sunday cardigan