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  1. I knit balaclava

    I KNIT BALACLAVA is a headwear in which a hat and scarf are combined together. This balaclava is a warm and cozy knit suited to wear for the winter season without a scarf.

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  2. Capsule cardigan no. 1

    The Capsule cardigan no. 1 is a hip-length style knit with a crew neck and long narrowing sleeves. This cardigan has a neckline and is worked top-down in a Stockinette stitch pattern.

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  3. Bergamo sweater

    THE BERGAMO SWEATER is a short front and long back length style knit. It has a turtleneck and long wide sleeves.

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  4. June sweater

    The June sweater is a short-length style knit with a crew neck and short narrowing sleeves. I has a neckline and is worked top-down in Stockinette stitch pattern.

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  5. Grey sheep jacket

    Grey sheep jacket is just "Airy cake" on your shoulders. It is really light, elegant, modern and feminine jacket which is knitted from unspun wool yarn.

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  6. She told me I knit faster than my shadow

    I have a friend who brings yarns to new life. In her hands yarns blossom like flowers in spring and they become so cozy and cute that all you do is just look at them
    and ejoy.

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  7. Knitted Cool jacket

    Super bulky Cool jacket is very fashionable, comfortable, cozy, universal, modern, warm and cute knitted bomber jacket. Perfectly fits wearing together with denim.

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  8. Sunset cardigan

    This chunky cardigan is very cozy, timeless fashion, elegant, simple, and warm. Fabulous cardigan - fits well for wearing together with denim, short t-shirt and also looks very sexy with shorts. 

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  9. Forest hooded cardigan knitting pattern

    Forest hooded cardigan is suited to wear for your leisure time or at home. Because of it's quite huge size it can be wrapped around you. It is unisex cardigan and fits for women as well as for men.

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  10. Sunday cardigan knitting pattern

    This oversize Sunday cardigan was knitted in Garter stitch with 3 strands held together of Hip Mohair (80% mohair, 20% polyamide; 25g/0.9oz = 210m/230yds) yarn from HipKnit.

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